It is nice to know that you visit our website. 
We do hope that you will use our office to find new employees.
First of all let us introduce our company.
The Marvel Personal Consulting employment agency was established in 2001.
On January 9 2004 we were given a certificate of the Ministry of Employment (record No. 401/1b), authorizing us to recruit personnel to work abroad.
Kindly refer to where you will find records of licensed employment agencies.
Our agency is listed among the ones of the voivodeship of West Pomerania (Zachodniopomorskie).
Our office is located in Gryfino (West Pomerania).

Marvel Personal Consulting specializes in recruiting candidates for work in Holland. as the speed of production process in this land is growing constantly, there is a shortage of workers skilled well enough to perform tasks related to production in agrarian and other sectors.
Effective May 1 2007 a permit to work in the Netherlands is no longer required from citizens of the Republic of Poland.
We offer employment as an “agrarian co-worker”, mainly at picking flowers in Holland.
We are also looking for specialists and production workers.
We accept candidatures of unskilled workers. It would be good if they had some gardening experience.
In order to qualify for jobs offered, one must: a) be at least 18 years old, b) have a basic command of English, German or Dutch (please fill out the application form) and c) must show up in person at one of our offices.

Our goal is cooperation with trustworthy companies and good workers.
This is how we establish our reputation.
Our partner in Holland is an employment agency operating nationwide on the jobmarket for a great number of years.

They hold a certificate of Registry of Temporary Jobs and are members of Public Union of Temporary Employment Agencies (ABU). This is a guarantee that their jobs are 100 percent legal.  
We send most of our workers to work in the Aalsmeer region near Amsterdam. In 2004 we sent to work 438 persons, 521 persons in 2005, 616 in 2006, and in 2007 we sent 582 workers.
Our offer is intended for foreign employers that seek Polish employees.




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